Why I will never purchase another Samsung Product

My Samsung dyer drum failed after nearly 2.5 years. The drum cracked in 2 different spots and after a half hour on the phone, they would not replace it. I was very polite and stated that Samsung needed to stand behind its product, citing that the company is “highest rated in customer satisfaction with clothes dryers,” according to J.D. Power and Associates. I stated that hundreds of people have had this problem and the drum cracking is a manufacturer’s defect. I have read numerous forum posts, video comments, and product reviews and they all say the same thing. I repeated myself to an executive customer service rep and after numerous attempts, all he could do is sell me an extended warranty that would cover the repairs for $285. I told him that If they do not stand behind the product, I would no longer purchase ANY Samsung products. The $285 will be better spent on a quality dryer from a more honest and fair company.